Wheel balance

The weight of wheel (wheel rim & tyre assembly) should be distributed evenly to create the balanced condition . If the weight is distributed unevenly , centrifugal force cause the wheel to vibrate as it turns. A slight imbalance causes vibrations on the steering wheel .More serious imbalance causes complete body vibrations. There are two type of wheel balance;
1)Static wheel balance:-  The static balance is the equal distribution of weight around the wheel .A statically balanced wheel does not rotate by itself regardless of the position in which it is placed on its axis .On the other hand , a statically imbalance (off axis) wheel tends to rotate by itself until the heaviest portion reaches the bottom. During vehicle operation ,static imbalance causes a bouncing action that leads to uneven tyre wear
2)Dynamic wheel balance:- The dynamic balance is the equal distribution of weight on each side of the wheel's centreline .During vehicle operation , a dynamically imbalance wheel experience side to side deflection , leading to vibration in the steering  wheel or body and to bald spots on the tyre.
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