Fanuc G68 rotate co-ordinate system for milling program

                                                                  G68 Command is used to project the operation on an angle .
G68 command parameters ,
                                            XY - Center of rotation (co-ordinate used to measure distance )
                                            R-     Angle of rotation   (operation projection angle )
In following fig . we assume corner offset co-ordinate (0 ,0) , In these fig we project the drill of 20  diameter  at 45 degree only once a time and depth of drilling is 15 .

N10   M06 T05 ;
N20   G00 G90 G40 G80 G17 G21 ;
N30   M03 S1500 ;
N40   G54 X25 Y0 ;
N50   M08 ;
N60   G43 Z100 H4 ;
N70   G81 Z-15 R5 G98 F300 ;
N80   G68 X25 Y0 R45 ;
N90   X50 ;
N100 X75 ;
N110 G80 G69 ;
N120 G00 Z100 ;
N130 M05 M09 M30 ;
                                                                                     More examples..........!!!!


O1423- Name of main program
N10- Tool change command , select tool no 5 ,
N20-  Rapid command , program in absolute co-ordinate ,tool radius compensation cancle ,  canned cycle command (if we used) , XY              plane selection command , metric input ( all dimension in mm)
N30- Spindle ON clockwise , speed is 1500 rpm .
N40- Work co-ordinate system command ( set XY value of co-ordinate) , where X25 and  Y0 
N50- Coolant is ON 
N60- Tool height offset compensation Z100 and H4(we set tool height of z axis )
N70- Simple drilling cycle command , drilling depth is -15 , R5 is reference leave (it means tool up 5            mm and then it convert into feed for start next drilling ) , feed rate per minute is F300 
N80- Rotate co-ordinate system command , where X25, Y0 at an angle 45 degree (1st drill)
N90- Next drill along X distance is 50 .( 2 nd drill)
N100- Next drill along X distance is 75 .( 3rd drill)
N110- Cancel canned cycle command , cancel co-ordinate system rotation command .
N120- Rapid action , tool goes above 100 
N130- Spindle off , coolant off , main program end .

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