Fanuc G86 boring cycle example

   Fanuc G85 cycle is used to bore a hole .
G86 X_ Y_ Z_ R_  F_ K_
                    Where , XY- Position of hole
                                  Z-  Depth of operation performe from retraction plane
                                  R-  R plane position.(retraction plane)
                                  F- cutting feed rate 
                                  K- no of times operation repeats.

Operation:- First positioning of tool at xy plane. After that tool rapidly traverse up to R plane , then boring operation start from R plane to  point Z. After that tool rapidly return to initial position.

N10   M06 T08 ;
N20   G90 G80 G17 G00 G54 X0 Y0 ;
N30   G43 Z100 H1 ;
N40   M03 S1000 ;
N50   M07 ;
N60   G99 G86 X10 Y25 Z-30 R5  F100 ;
N70   X40 Y10 ;
N80   G98 G80 G00 Z100 ;
N90   M05 M09 M30 ;                          More examples..........!!!!

N10- Tool change command , select tool no. 8
N20- Absolute co-ordinate command , cancel canned cycle command , selection of  XY plane, rapid command, work coordinate for tool positioning at  X0 and Y0.
N30- Tool height offset compensation command , where tool is 100 along Z axis , tool hight code H1.
N40- Spindle on clockwise , speed is 1000 rpm .
N50- Coolant ON .

N60- Return to R-plane in canned cycle , Boring cycle command ,first boring position is X10 and Y25 Depth of tapping is 30(from R-plane) , R- plane distance is 5 , feed rate is 100 .

N70- Second boring position is X40 and Y10; [

N80- Tool return initial position , cancel canned cycle , rapid command , where tool along Z axis is 100 .
N90- Spindle off , coolant off, Main program end .
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