Fanuc G83 peck drilling cycle program

G83 peck drilling cycle  perform intermittent cutting feed to the bottom of the hole while removing shaving from the hole.
G83 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ Q_ P_ F_ K_
                    Where , XY- Position of hole
                                  Z-  Depth of operation performe
                                  R-  R plane position.
                                  Q- depth of each cut
                                  F- cutting feed rate 
                                  K- no of times operation repeats.

Operation:-  In above fig Q represent depth of each cut . Cutting depth is always incremental value (suppose first cut is 20 mm then tool take second cut is increment by 20mm it means total depth is 40 mm ). After each cut tool return at R plane , when operation is end tool return at initial position .

N10   M06 T05 ;
N20   G90 G80 G17 G00 G54 X0 Y0 ;
N30   G43 Z100 H4 ;
N40   M03 S1000 ;
N50   M07 ;
N60   G99 G83 X10 Y10 Z-40 R5 Q10 F75
N70   X60 Y10 ;
N80   X10 Y60 ;
N90   X60 Y60 ;
N100 G98 G80 G00 Z100 ;
N110 M05 M09 M30 ; 


N10- Tool change command , select tool no. 5
N20- Absolute co-ordinate command , cancel canned cycle command , selection of  XY plane, rapid command, work coordinate for tool positioning at  X0 and Y0.
N30- Tool height offset compensation command , where tool is 100 along Z axis , tool hight code H4.
N40- Spindle on clockwise , speed is 1000 rpm .
N50- Coolant ON .
N60- Return to R-plane in canned cycle , Peck drill command ,first drilling position is X10 and Y10 Depth of boring is 40(from R-plane) , R- plane distance is 5 , each cut is 10 mm ,   feed rate per minute is 75 .
N70- Second drilling position is X60 and Y10;
N80- Third drilling position is X10 and Y60;
N90- Fourth drilling position is X60 and Y60;
N100- Tool return initial position , cancel canned cycle , rapid command , where tool along Z axis is 100 .
N110- Spindle off , coolant off, Main program end .
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