In NC programming, subroutines and cycles can be called modularly. This component is of specific significance for boring cycles. You create a modular subroutine call by programming the watchword MCALL (modular subroutine call) before the subroutine name. This capacity makes the subroutine be called and executed naturally after each square that contains navigating development. The capacity is deactivated by programming MCALL without the following subroutine name or by modularly calling another subroutine.

                          Any number of modular boring cycles can be modified, the number isn't constrained to a certain number of G capacities saved for this reason.

                 1]  Example with Drilling  CYCLE 81
                       MCALL CYCLE81 (RTP, RFP, SDIS, DP, DPR)

                 2] Example with Boring CYCLE 85
                       MCALL CYCLE85 (RTP , RFP , SIDS , DP , DPR, DTB, FFR , RFF )

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