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Siemens Sinumerik Contour program


N10  G90  G54  G64  G94  F100 ;
N20  G17  X-10  Y-10  Z50 ;
N30  M03 S500 ;
N40  M06 D01 ;
N50  G00  X0  Y0  Z10 ;
N60  G01  Z-10 ;
N70  G42  X40  Y40  R= 2.5 ;
N80  G00   X0  Y0 ;
N90  G40  G00  X-20  Y-20  Z50 ;
N100  M05  M30 ;

HARSH. MPF – the name of the main program.
N10 - Program in absolute co-ordinate system , external work offset, continuous path mode (  operation perform complete cycle) , feedrate mm/min 100 .
N20-  XY plane where X-10 , Y-10 , Z50 .
N30- Spindle on clockwise , speed is 500 rpm .
N40- Tool command, tool no. D01 ( 12.5 mm) .
N50 – Tool take position rapidly where at reference point X0 Y0 Z10( Z is just 10 mm above than work-piece )
N60- Tool start cutting linearly depth Z-10 .
N70Compensation to right of contour where cutting dimension X40 , Y40 , Z-10 & radius is 2.5 .
N80- Tool return at reference point rapidly.
N90- Cancel compensation, tool rapidly goes away from the reference point where X-20 , Y-20 , Z50.

N100 – Spindle Off , main program end .


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